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Nate Sylling

Nate Sylling

Sales Representative

Nate, or “6-8 Nate” as this tall lad is often referred to by strangers and friends alike, has always loved everything about beer.  Nate has found a home in the beer business working as Hale’s sales representative in the Olympic Peninsula area.

After about a decade’s worth of bartending experience, he found himself wanting to dive further into the beer industry, this time trying his hand in the business side.  Nate knew Hale’s Ales would be a great fit. 

 Nate first started working at Hale’s Ales in 2009 as a bartender in the company’s Silverdale Alehouse.  In addition to representing Hale’s in the south Puget Sound areas Nate also works many beer festivals, shows, and tasting events.    

Outside of work, Nate enjoys snowboarding, going to movies, and doing as much hiking as he can.  He is also always looking for partners-in-crime to explore new, exciting things in the Seattle area. 

Nate has different ale preferences depending on the seasons: while mowing the lawn on a hot day, he finds that Kolsch is a great crisp, clean pick.  If it’s cold and rainy, as it often is in Seattle, then he might lean more towards a stout.  Like many of his NW counterparts, however, he finds that IPA’s are a fantastic year round beer.