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From using one of the west coast’s largest hybrid solar water heating systems to heat the water we use in the brewery to obtaining locally-sourced ingredients in our beers and pub fare, we here at Hale’s have made sustainability a real pursuit.   


Think Globally, Act Locally: The Big Picture

In 2012, Hale’s Brewery invested in cutting edge hybrid solar water heating technology to provide hot water for our brewery and pub.  This device is one of the largest solar heating systems of its kind on the west coast.  As a result, we have reduced our consumption of natural gas by nearly 60%!

Also in 2012, Hale’s retrofitted our building with computer controlled high efficiency lighting.   This new technology has also helped us significantly lower our electricity usage and reduce our carbon footprint

Think Globally, Drink Locally: Hale’s Beers

Hale’s began brewing small batch beers in 1983 with the conviction that the best beer is fresh, locally made beer and to this effect, coined the slogan, “think globally, drink locally."  Today, the recognition of the environmental benefits of buying locally made products has spawned a movement across the globe.

By emphasizing the use of ingredients grown and processed right here in the Northwest, craft breweries like Hale’s have been on the forefront of this movement.  Most of the grains we use are processed and distributed out of Great Western Malting from Vancouver, WA.   The delicious spicy aromas of our beers come from hops designed and grown out of Yakima Valley.  Many of our packaging materials, including our new 12oz cans, are also produced here in the NW.  Additionally, wherever possible, the pub and brewery use compostable plastics.

Think Globally, Eat Locally: Hale’s Pub

Hale’s pub features high quality, locally made products in our dishes.  Be on the lookout for fine items from these great suppliers featured throughout our menu!

Essential Baking Co.

Grand Central Baking Co.

Cascioppo Brothers

Wilcox Farm Eggs

Caffe Appassionato Coffee

Tim’s Cascade Potato Chips

Beecher’s Cheese

Northwest Grass Fed Beef

Boar’s Head Meats

Morning Star Bakery

Snoqualmie Gourmet Ice Cream


We are doing a lot of great things towards reaching a more sustainable world, but know that there’s always more to do.  Your continued interest in regional craft breweries helps promote the environmental benefits of locally made products.  Thanks for your support!


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