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Sarah Stinsley

Sarah Stinsley


Sarah first became interested in working in the craft beer industry right around a big microbrewery boom in Northern California in the late ‘90’s.  She wanted to work where she could make some money, but also be able to enjoy the product, so she began working in a local brewery.

One adventure that inspired Sarah to continue to pursue the noble profession of craft beer slinging, was traveling across the Western states for 5 months on a 20,000 mile journey with her sister, Christina, who was working towards her PhD in forestry.  Sarah accompanied her sister as a research assistant and the two girls quickly decided that they would do some “other” research on the side:  beer! 

During that epic forestry and ale research adventure, Sarah, her sister and their dog, who accompanied them throughout the whole trip, visited 21 breweries in the NW.  Amongst the breweries that really stand out in her memory are Beaver Street Brewery in Flagstaff, where she remembers seeing cans, which were rare at the time, Squatters in Utah, where she says there was good food and good beer, and Salmon River Brewery in McCall, ID, which was the size of a house and included an ale named, “You-Da-Ho Gold.”

A funny coincidence that tied Sarah to Hale’s Ales prior to starting work at the brewery, was that Christina had completed her undergraduate degree at the University of California, Berkeley, like Mike Hale.  She once wore her Hale’s Ales hat to forestry camp and was actually mistaken for Mike! 

Sarah first moved up to Seattle from Eureka, CA in February of 2010 in order to get a change of pace and also be closer to her little sister.  Sarah dropped off a resume at Hale's Ales in March of 2011 while picking up a keg of Red Menace Amber Ale for her brother-in-law’s kegerator and soon found herself working at the brewery. While she began serving at the Moisture Festival, an annual show held in the Hale’s Palladium adjacent to the brewery, she also did back-up bar work, and quickly moved to serving.  Sarah now works primarily as a Hale’s bartender.

Outside of work, Sarah enjoys sewing, shooting music videos with her boyfriend, Ben, a videographer, and cooking.  She says, “When it comes to cooking, I can pretty much do it all.”  She can bake, grill, work from stove-top-  you name it, this girl can cook.  Sarah has a fun, fiery nature.  In fact, Sarah’s friends and family call her, “Am Drexel,” which she was dubbed due to her alter ego, which comes out with a serious power every once in awhile.  This side to Sarah is wonderful-  it’s all of Sarah’s best qualities amplified.  This is perhaps one reason why she has become so popular with the Hale’s Ales Pub regulars.

Sarah’s favorite beer at Hale’s is the Pale Ale because, “it is not overly floral, but definitely has some hops to it.  Also, it is not ‘too pale.’”  A favorite beer she has outside the brewery is an ale called, “Red Seal,” which is from North Coast in Mendocino County.

When asked what Sarah’s future aspirations are for work in this industry, she replies