Open Monday through Saturday


Monday through Friday 3pm-10pm

Saturday 2pm-10pm

Closed Sunday


4301 Leary Way Northwest
Seattle, WA 98107


Phone:   (206) 782-0737 








Palladium Info/Specs




Once a brewery warehouse, now a versatile space which is the home to the theatrical Moisture Festival production, weddings, company parties, dance, romance and as many fun events as one can conjure up. 



This large space is equipped with stage lighting, sound equipment, concession stand, three bathrooms, and atmosphere galore. 



The room can accommodate up to 175 seated guest for a sit down formal dinner, 225 guests for theatre seating, and 275 standing guests . 



The concession stand serves several styles of Hale’s Ales, wines, as well as non-alcoholic options.  Popcorn, Bratwurst, Hotdogs, Pretzels, BBQ Pork Sandwiches are a few items we can sell at concessions when arrangements are made at the time of booking.



If you are looking to make an impression on your guests, you need look no further than our Palladium.




Palladium Sound System info

 Some of the Palladium’s sound system equipment:

· 2 freestanding Mackie SA 1532 1300 watt powered speakers

· 2 flown Mackie HD 1521 1800 watt powered speakers

· 2 mid-room Mackie SRM 450 1000 watt powered speakers

· 5 Monitors with 2 auxillary sends, amp powered

· 24 channel Sound Craft sound board



We have 6 large speakers, a sound booth with an old school sound console. There are mains, floor monitors, and a snakehead downstage right. We also have 2 SM Shure 58’s with mic stands but don’t have any other mics.

We also have a snake with a 16 channel box with 15 channels of XLR inputs working on the main stage and a 9 channel fan snake in the pit/band stand we have one stereo/dual mono D.I. box. 3 Front of stage monitors , and a drum or wedge monitor.

The performers will need to bring all instruments, Quarter inch cables, DI boxes, extra mics and mic stands. Everything needed to plug their XLR cables into the snakehead on stage. 50 foot XLR’s should reach the whole stage.