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Hale's Ales Palladium Pale Ale Can
Palladium Pale Ale label art

Palladium Pale Ale

As the region’s first craft brewed pale ale, Hale’s Pale Ale established the category in the Northwest. Clean, crisp, balanced and true to style, it’s easy to see why this beer has remained a favorite since 1983!

Hale's Ales Supergoose IPA Can
Supergoose IPA label art

Supergoose IPA

An expert blend of citrus & pine hop aromas with a rich malt body. Supergoose is, best of all, a balanced and drinkable IPA, characteristics that have made it a favorite among the legions of Northwest IPA aficionados.

Hale's Ales Kolsch Can
Kolsch label art


Hale’s version of this traditional German light ale is a GABF gold medal winner! Kolsch is similar to a pilsner in flavor, light, subtle and thirst quenching.

Hale's Ales Red Menace Amber Can
Red Menace Amber label art

Red Menace Amber

A bigger, bolder amber ale, Red Menace has more hop flavor than typical amber ales. A toasted malt profile gives the beer outstanding complexity with superb drinkability. Join the Party!

Hale's Ale Mongoose IPA Can
Mongoose IPA label art

Mongoose IPA

Mongoose IPA combines distinctive hop flavors & aroma with delightful drinkability. Golden colored, bright and approachable, Mongoose IPA is a go-to choice for beer lovers across the Northwest.

Hale's Ales TrollPorter 22oz Bottle
Troll Porter label art

Troll Porter

Hale’s Troll Porter is big, round and complex with mocha, coffee and chocolate overtones.

Hale's Ales El Jefe Weizen Can
El Jefe Weizen Ale label art

El Jefe Weizen Ale

Hale’s El Jefe Hefeweizen is brewed true to style, using an authentic Bavarian hefe yeast that yields a light, subtle, drinkable beer with a distinctive fruity flavor.


Hale's Ales Harvest IPA Bottle
Harvest IPA label art

Harvest IPA

First brewed in 1988 Hale’s Harvest is one of the region’s longest running seasonal offerings and a much anticipated autumn classic. We tweak the recipe each autumn, yet the overall flavor profile remains consistent: big malt body, deep red color and pronounced hop presence.

Hale's Ales El Dazzle Stout
El Dazzle Stout label art

El Dazzle Stout

A unique blend of specialty malts yields a roasty, full bodied and full flavored stout with a satisfying aftertaste. Moderately hopped with Cascade, Chinook & Columbus hops, Hale’s El Dazzle Winter Stout has an approachable 6.3% ABV that invites you to keep exploring!

Hale's Ales Halestorm Double IPA Bottle
Halestorm Double IPA label art

Halestorm Double IPA

Halestorm Double IPA has a complex herbal flavor that suggests citrus, mint, melon and pine, with a dry, long and luscious hop finish. Brewed with over 4.5 lbs of our favorite NW hops per barrel.

Hale's Ales Billsner Pilsner Bottle
Billsner Pilsner label art

Billsner Pilsner

Brewed true-to-style, this Hale’s Pilsner has a light golden color and a clean crisp finish. We combined the highest grade of imported Pilsner malt, Czech yeast and Saaz, and Tahoma hops to create a delicate, delicious beer.

Hale's Ales Cascadia IPA 22oz Bottle
Cascadia IPA label art

Cascadia IPA

2 pounds of dry hops per barrel! Cascade, Simcoe and Chinook hops spice this beer and pair well with the locally grown and malted Skagit Valley barley we use. Golden colored and light in flavor, Cascadia IPA is a very refreshing summer IPA.

Leary Way Limited Series

An exciting and ever changing series of specialty beer releases. All are unique, small-batch, and hop-centric. We will release a different Leary Way Limited beer approximately every 3 months in 2018. Supplies are limited, get out and taste some before it's gone!
Leary Way No. 1 Juicy IPA Can
Juicy IPA label art

Juicy IPA

Juicy, the first release of Hale’s new Leary Way Limited IPA Series, is brewed with an abundance of Mosaic, Citra and Columbus hops. A fresh, light-bodies, aromatic IPA that will leave you dreaming of the tropics!

Leary Way Tropical IPA
Tropical IPA label art

Tropical IPA

Hale’s Tropical IPA is the 2nd release in our 2018 Leary Way Limited IPA Series. Brewed with Calypso, Amarillo, Citra, Mosaic and experimental hops, this aromatic, hop-forward IPA yields hints of pineapple, honeydew and apricot. Our use of malted wheat provides a bit of sweetness to this hazy, pale-orange colored ale. Hale’s Tropical IPA has a medium-bodied mouthfeel and a delightful, lingering hop bouquet. Cheers!

Leary Way Series #3 - Citrus
Citrus IPA label art

Citrus IPA

Citrus, the 3rd release from the Leary Way Limited Series, is a hazy, orange-hued offering with lower bitterness. This beer delivers notes of sweet orange, grapefruit, mango & pine complimented by a long hop aftertaste and sweet caramel. We’re taking the classic IPA flavors and turning them on their head with a reimagined method of crafting this beer style.

Leary Way Series #4 - Piney
Piney IPA label art

Piney IPA

Meet the final installment of our Leary Way Limited Series, #4 Piney. With the changing of the seasons, we’re increasing the alcohol content as a buffer against the cold. Featuring…

Draft Only

Nightroll Porter

Nightroll Porter

A nitro version of our regular Troll Porter. Nitrogen conditioning yields a softer taste and a velvety smooth mouthfeel to this dark, chocolaty brew.

Hale's Cream Ale

Cream Ale

Hale’s Ales was the first craft brewery in America to produce nitrogen conditioned beers. Cream Ale has a light mouthfeel and a light, balanced flavor. Easy drinking and unique.

Cream HSB

Hale’s Special Bitter

Hale’s Special Bitter, or HSB, is a complex, deep amber colored ale that blends silky smooth body with complex hop and malt flavors. HSB emulates the famous “special bitters” of Great Britain…we dare say.