Hale's pub is open 7 days a week


Sunday through Thursday 11am-10pm

Friday & Saturday 11am-11PM


4301 Leary Way Northwest
Seattle, WA 98107


For reservations call:   (206) 782-0737 










Chris has worked at Hales for about 4 years; the day of his interview he refused to go home and kegged beer to outlast the other candidates.  Needless to say, he was quickly offered the job and is still here. Previously, Chris worked for two different automotive shops that were each conveniently located directly across a microbrewery.  As if destiny were calling him, he also went to college that was near a brewery!  This, and the many sips he took of his grandpa’s Old Style ultimately qualified him wonderfully for this highly tactical, mentally-strenuous, position.  Oh, and he also worked at the world’s best homebrew supply store in Denver, “Beer at Home,” owned by his friends Steve and Ben.

Everybody at work calls Chris, “Guapo,” a nickname dubbed by one of Hale’s sales reps which stuck ever since.  Regarding his title, Chris exclaims, “I never took Japanese in school so I don’t even know what it means!”  Instead, Chris thinks his nickname should reflect his stunning Keanu Reeves-esque good looks.

Years ago, Chris decided to get involved in his community and began volunteering time with an elderly eccentric man who got all torqued up on inventions which had no practical purpose. This man had wild white hair and said things Chris could not quite understand like, “jiggawatt,” and “googolplex,”- pretty heavy stuff.  This quixotic man’s family used to own a lot of property but he sold it to pay for his projects.  Everybody calls this man a mad scientist but Chris just knows him as “Doc.”

Chris looks for a few specific things in beer. A wise handyman/martial arts master once said to him, “…karate come from China, called te, ‘hand.’ Hundred year later, Miyagi ancestor bring to Okinawa, call kara-te, ‘empty hand.’” This wise man also told Chris that some nights and weekends he also practiced furu-te, or “full hand” with some damn tasty suds. Chris was always better at furute, himself.  His favorite beer is the one that is in front of him.  And, usually, if it is not a Hale’s, it still has to be fresh and local.