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Ready for a very different evening out? Want to see amazing acts of physics involving the science of bubbles combined with wistful European style musical accompaniment? Direct from the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, The Clinton St. Theater presents the Bubble and Squeeze Cabaret!

Louis Pearl, AKA the Amazing Bubble Man, accompanied by accordion diva Jet Black Pearl, have created a new stunning spectacle of bubble based entertainment with cabaret style theatre and music, geared towards an adult audience. Leave the kids at home!

These are bubbles like you’ve never seen before; oscillating, psychedelic trails of opalescent soap films, bubbles as human habitation, huge smoke filled wobbly UFOS that drift about with a mind of their own, all accompanied by “a formidable force of music, which truly has to be seen to be believed” (Edinburgh Review), with ballads about slugs in love, enlightened strippers and hallucinating butterflies.

These seasoned performers weave a not to be missed, compelling, imaginative and stylish evening of entertainment and wonder.