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Come for a special firkin tapping of our new Leary Way LTD: BRUT IPA. In addition to the firkin tapping spectacle, we’ll be adding lemon zest/juice and juniper berries to resemble the popular “French 75” champagne, gin and lemon cocktail.
(actual firkin not pictured 😉 )

About the new Leary Way LTD: BRUT IPA
A newly created subcategory of IPA, this beer is designed to mimic champagne in body, dryness, and flavor. It has very very low levels of bitterness due to the extreme dry character, and what’s leftover is a refreshing ale w/ hop aroma and flavor which leans towards tasting like a hybrid of wine and beer. This particular brew showcases flavors of melon and subtle grapefruit. The result is a refreshing alternative to a long established beer style which entices you to explore this creation over again.