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Brenda Sheimo

Brenda Sheimo

Accounting Manager

Brenda started working for Hale’s Ales in 1985 as one of the original Hale’s employees!  Mike’s first employee was Tom Sheimo and Brenda was the very next hire...

Hale’s Ales had its start in Colville, where Brenda says it was very appealing to be part of something innovative, yet still steeped in tradition.  She says the quality, handcrafted aspect of a microbrewery was a nice evolution of the back-to-the-land movement of that area and time.

Brenda first came to Hale’s when Mike Hale asked her to help him straighten out all the paperwork and reporting he was required to complete.  She laughs, ”Somehow, it became a lifelong project.”

Prior to working at Hale’s, Brenda had been working for Legal Services and as a legal assistant to a private attorney. 

Brenda’s favorite activity outside of work is gardening.  She says a perfect day for her would be coffee, the NYT crossword and then gardening all day.  She also loves to spend time with her family—her husband, Bill, son, Riley, her large extended family, and, of course, the friends she's known for years. 

On a hot day, Brenda’s favorite beer is Kolsch (a German-style ale that has a lager-like flavor profile), but on a rainy day, she finds herself gravitating towards a bourbon barrel stout or an HSB (Hale’s Special Bitter).

 The scariest moment Brenda experienced at Hale’s occurred very early on when she was on a beer delivery run to Spokane in Geheimnis, an OLD gray step van.  The only heat was from a portable propane heater in the front seat well and it was very cold.  Brenda says that the van started to smoke badly and then she heard, “JUMP!”  She chuckles, “Well, nothing was good about the combination of those elements.”  She says it is funny to look back on this memory now, but it was certainly scary at the time. 

While Brenda continues to be a Hale’s Ales wonder-woman, surrounded by piles of paper at her desk, she says she dreams of another beer-centric trip to Europe, like the one she embarked on with her fellow Haleians quite a few years back.  She exclaims, “But, instead of 3 weeks, I would like it to be 3 months!”