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Brandon Ballard

Brandon Ballard

Sales Representative

Brandon currently works as Hale’s sales representative in the North Seattle area.  He started work as a bottler in 2005 after a few friends introduced him to the some of the crew at the brewery.  An easy going, good natured and charming guy, Brandon soon found suitable work as the face of the brewery in the North Seattle area.   

According to Brandon, at the time of his hire, he knew nothing about brewing and selling beer, but in his modest exclamation, “[He’s] since learned how to fake it!” 

 After a short stint in production, Brandon eventually landed in sales.  He claims that it turned out that he was, “better at drinking beer and talking about beer, than actually making the stuff.” 

What really first interested Brandon in working for Hale’s Ales, besides free beer, was the allure of working for a small, local business that manufactured its own creative product using local ingredients.  In Brandon’s words, “That’s such a rarity in commerce these days, and did I mention it’s beer?!”  

Brandon says that he feels honored to be able to interact on a daily basis with people in the beer and bar industry because he has ultimately been able to call many of them, including his coworkers, friends.