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Proudly He Hails Hale’s Pale Ale

May 6, 1983

Spokesman Review

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A Whale of an Ale is Brewing Locally

July 14, 1983

Statesman Examiner

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Ale on a Small Scale

February 6, 1985

The Spokesman-Review

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For a Quart of Ale is a Dish for a King

July 6, 1985

Palouse Journal

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Northwest Brews Pass Muster In Their Debut at British Beer Festival

August 21, 1985

Seattle PI

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Most Distinctive Beers of 1985 Can Take A Bow

December 11, 1985

Seattle PI

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A Big Thirst for Microbrews

March 6, 1986

Seattle PI

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East Side Soon to Hail Hale’s

November 6, 1986


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Give ‘Em Hale’s

February 4, 1987

The Eastside Potpourri

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Something’s Brewing

May 6, 1990

University Reporter

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