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Aaron Coleman

Aaron Coleman


Aaron, or “AC,” as he is called by some, has worked at Hale’s since July of ’99 (half the life of the company)!  He became interested in pursuing work at Hale’s when a manager that worked with Aaron in a Canadian-owned English pub called, “The Elephant Castle,” in downtown Seattle, made the transition and asked if Aaron would like to join him and several others in the switch.  In conjunction with a desire to move over from the corporate franchise to a family-owned, non-corporate scene, Aaron thought, “Wow!  Yeah, I’d love to work for the place that actually MAKES the Hale’s beer.”

A moment that stands out for Aaron in his career in the hospitality industry was when he once waited on Bill Nye the Science Guy at Hale’s.  He treated him as he would any other person, but as a childhood fan, he was excited to be able to do just that.  Another time, while working at a place called, “The Boatshed,” in Bremerton, Aaron had to dive off the dock to help retrieve a cigarette boat (small, narrow power boat) that was beginning to drift away.  Working as a server always comes with plenty of surprises, but these two moments were certainly a couple of highlights.

Aaron has always enjoyed serving because he meets new, interesting people on a daily basis.  Although it’s a personal policy not to hang out with customers outside of work, he still feels like the regulars are his friends and this is one of his favorite aspects of the job.  Another, of course, which is perhaps specifically tailored to working in a brewpub, is the beer.  To that end, Aaron says that his first end-of-shift beer is usually the Hale’s Kolsch because he says it’s crisp and refreshing.  In general, however, Aaron says that the Troll Porter is his absolute favorite Hale’s ale, “because it is delicious and full-bodied.”  Aaron says that while he was drinking IPA’s for awhile, he just doesn’t like big, hoppy beers anymore, even though that’s still the fad.  In fact, there seems to remain somewhat of a stigma against admitting a want for something other than hops in the craft beer industry, particularly here in the NW, but Aaron is not afraid to admit to what he likes.  Why waste your time drinking something that doesn’t appeal to you, when you could be spending that time drinking other awesome ales?  Aaron says that he really prefers super malty beers, but with a lack of that, will tend to gravitate toward the crisp, clean ones.

Outside of work, Aaron enjoys skiing, backpacking, and kayaking.  Even Aaron’s hobbies indicate his love for the outdoors:  he once planted a tropical fresh water aquarium in his home.  Every year, Aaron goes backpacking with a close group of friends on a four-day overnight trip in September.  He has made quite a few backpacking trips, but amongst his favorite, are the Eagle Cap Wilderness Park in NE OR, Horseshoe Basin in Okanogan, and Marmot Pass in the Olympic National Park.  His favorite spot to kayak is Blake Island, which is located in the Puget Sound.  In fact, when it comes to kayaking, Aaron is no slouch.  One of his future aspirations is to paddle from Seattle to Alaska on a month-long adventure, beaching the kayak on islands or the shoreline and camping along the way. And, of course, he will need two things to come with him:  a partner-in-crime and some good, old-fashioned beer.